Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Should Come No Matter What The Ground Hog Says


I was a little bummed that the ground hog saw his shadow so I am on strike! I pulled out my spring décor and decorated my sofa table. I know this won’t make winter go away but, I can enjoy spring indoors. Although I shouldn’t be that surprised he saw his shadow, it’s only February and I do live in Utah…greatest snow on earth…it has that name for a reason.DSC_0157

I love the little splash of color (turquoise is one of my favorite colors)!


I moved the classical books from off the mantle to bring in some height for the family block. It needed to show above the blue bird plate on the easel. I love the shape of the blue bird plate, it’s decorative and still not too big. The books bring a perfect height.DSC_0156

The blue bird I had on the mantle now is nested with glazed ceramic robin blue eggs.


My favorite flower is tulips. I L-O-V-E love tulips! They scream spring to me.

So, I am bringing in a little spring….even if the groundhog saw his shadow.


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