Monday, January 23, 2012

Printer's Drawers FILLED and ORGANIZED

My printer's Drawers are FILLED nd ORGANIZED!!
My printer's drawers cabinet has been set on top of the library card catalog and it's ready to be organized.  
My magnetic boards had become the home for all of my "small" things. They were in every kind of package so I wouldn't lose them. They had been begging to be organized. Everytime I looked at my magnet boards I knew I needed somewhere to organize my "tiny" items. Because I truly believethat if you can't find don't use them....and that wastes money....and I HATE wasting money!  
Magnetic boards full of things in packages and needing a home. 
 I started with my buttons....and I got all excited when I was able to create a rainbow with all the beautiful button colors!!
One of the printer's drawer was already labeled with the alphabet and I have tons of scrapbook alphabets metalware. So...this made it easy to sort my metal alphabet. 

Every drawer was organized with different items. The top drawer has brads, eyelets and a rainbow of beautiful buttons. The middle drawer is full of metal scrapbook items. Third drawer has the alphabet and odds and ends. Everything has a place and can be easily found. 
All of the eyelets and brads got a home too! I kept them in little containers so that the teeny tiny pieces wouldn't have be lost. 
All my MISC. little things now have the perfect home! 
I found these little plastic containers, 8 to a pack, at the dollar store. So, for three dollars I was able to seperate my brads and they will stay organized.  
This just makes me SQUEAL with delight!! Organized and GORGEOUS!! My husband was kinda chuckling at me when I dragged him over to see my organized drawers. He gave me a side hug and just said that "I'm glad your so happy about organized buttons!" (Love that man...supportive even about organized buttons. LOL) 
Buttons are in their space, everything has a spot. Everything is all organized!! This is EXACTLY why I built this beautiful printer's drawer cupboard. Yep...that's right, I took the time to build this cupboard to house these antique printer's drawers. Now I can see all the "little" things I craft with and be able to use them. YIPEE!! One-of-a-kind piece and it's SOOOOO pretty all organized!!


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