Saturday, December 3, 2011

Printer's Drawer Cabinet is finally on top of the Library Card Catalog

It's finally finished!! Yeah, the printer's drawer cabinet is finally on top of the library card catalog!! The Library card catalog was intended to have multiple units on top of the it but, I didn't have any more library units so I knew I could add a cabinet to the top of the library card catalog. The sturdy card catalog was perfect because printer's drawers are longer and wider than most dressers so I had been looking for something to be able to sit my future printer's drawer cabinet on and the library card catalog was the perfect peice of furniture to build a cabinet on top of. 
These are the printer's drawers that inspired this cabinet. Perfect for all the small little scrapbook items and craft items I have that needd to have their own little special space. All the individual spaces in the printer's drawer's create the perfect way to organize all those little items. 
Here is the cabinet in the middle of the build. It still doesn't have the top and the drawers have just been fitted to make sure we built it right...good thing we did....the drawers are a really specific size. 
All ready for primer and paint. I want the wood on the drawers to be what stands out on the piece. 
All painted and drying. You can see a small corner of the dresser I plan on working on to flank the other side of the window from this piece. It will have a hutch built on top of it also. I want maximum organization for a small space. So, I am building vertical units. 
Here is the printer's drawer cabinet all finished and ready to be placed on top of the library card catalog. I am getting super excited to see it all finished...long time in process to finish this piece. 
After everything was painted I attatched the back. 
With a few small nails. We had cut it so precise that it almost didn't need any nails at all.
Here she is on top of the cabinet that I built it for....LOOK AT ALL THAT STORAGE!!! Perfect for my studio! Although some have said that it's too pretty for just a studio but, that's what I built it store my craft supplies.
I love how the wood stands out and shows the character of the old printer's drawers! They are such a piece of history and I want to preserve that. 
The wood against the heirloom white is just so pretty!! 
Each drawer had a lip on the front and we used this to our advantage so each drawer opening had to be VERY precise or it would have looked funny! We had to sand one of the drawer openings because over time one of the drawers wasn't perfectly straight anymore. With a little sandpaper the opening was made to fit the drawer like a glove!! 
I love this detail of the drawers! So cool! 
Each drawer was fitted with a runner inside so that when the drawer is pulled out clear to the end(or back) it won't flop down and spill the contents. The drawers are still able to be pulled out so that you can move it to a table to work with but, they won't fall out unless they are pulled the entire way out of the cabinet. 
Look at all that storage space!! Wahoo!! This will be fun to move my stuff into!! 
Love all the worn parts of the can just image how many times each drawer was used to set print for a newpaper or printing! So cool!! 
Using the same paint on both cabinets makes them cohesive and just plain pretty together!! 
Doesn't it look like they were always meant to be together. We added extra bold trim to the top so it would look like the top of the hutch and we kept the molding on the library card catalog simple so it would be cohesive between the two cupboards. 

I just love the wood on the drawer fronts! Such character!  
Can't wait to finally get all my little things organized! Happy sorting!!
Cassy Final


lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

it turned out so beautiful with this piece on the top, i would love to feature it, if that would be ok with you please let me know,

Cassy said...

Yes, Lauren that is great! Let me know the website and I'll post a link to yours that it was featured. Thanks!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

not sure if you caught the feature, you can check it out here!

Beth@Makemeprettyagain said...

Fabulous job. Love it!


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