Friday, January 27, 2012

Big a Little for Sale!

Big News.....we are moving!! My husband got into Nurse Anesthetist Graduate School so we will be moving to Kansas for three years in May. We are excited and little overwhelmed with everything that has to be done to get ready to move.
Unfortunately....well, fortunate for all of you...I can't take everything with me. There are a few things that I know I can't take and am willing to sell. I will be posting things in the next while of things I have decided to sell. I am going to post it here first because I think you bloggers should have first dibs. I will post them here before I put them in the local consignment store or post them on the local classified. If you live in Utah on the wasatch front, then I am in your neck of the woods (Davis County).
The first thing I am going to sell is my winter lampshade trees.   Here is my post about how I made them.
I am selling these fun lampshade trees. It includes the lampshades, threaded rod, bolts, burlap, ornaments, and star tree topper. I have decided to keep the urns because I change them (example: for Halloween, I used them with black sticks).
The lampshade trees are usable in any type of containers. You can find containers almost exactly like these one(not painted) but, found locally at Tai Pan or any garden store. 
The lampshade trees would be awesome displays, for a store/business or for your home. I had an idea to clip on sepia toned winter pictures of the kids with clothes pins or clips. It could be SO cute! Even without the ornaments this could be a year-round tree. It would be an awesome display for earings, small items, baby headbands, bows or scrapbook items in your studio. Man, now I think of all the possibilities...well, more possibilities for whoever wants to buy these.
I am willing to sell these for $30 a piece or fifty for both. Just contact me by email.

It's big changes in my life but I am trying to see the adventure of it all! So, it's a good thing that the internet is everywhere because I can continue this blog no matter where we live.'s to the new exciting adventure!

Cassy Final

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