Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland Metallic Lampshade Trees

This is my latest addition to my Christmas decor. I made winter wonderland trees to flank the back door! They turned out beautiful!! The ornaments are silver, gold and vintage metallic colors and they make the perfect lampshade trees!

I found all of my lampshades at the salvation army. They let me buy all eight that I needed for this project and only charged me two dollars a piece. Great buy!! You can always find the most unique items there.
I gave the kids some scissors and we cut off all the fabric off of the lampshade. You would have thought it was christmas already...they were so excited to cut shapes in the side of the lampshades before they tore it off. Such creative little kids!!
I used a saw that can cut metal and chopped the 10 ft. long threaded bar in half.

It was pretty easy to cut with my husband's saw...pretty slick!! 
Each lampshade was threaded on the rod with a bolt. It took a while to thread the bolt down to where I wanted each shade and then to thread a bolt on top of it to secure it. It took a little bit of time and patience but, well worth it. 
I put the lampshades inside the urns from Halloween. They had the moss and sand still from when I used them with the black sticks.

To make them more secure and less tipsy, I added a board that I drilled a hole in it to sit the rod in then covered it with sand. 
Then my daughter, son and I wired on A LOT of ornaments!! 
Each ornament wired on seperately. 
They turned out awesome!!

I stuck fresh pine from our left over christmas tree parts to add greenery to the urns. Plus, they smell great!!

At night, the trees shimmer with all the christmas lights around..such a pretty glow!

I added strips of burlap around the threaded rod. It softens the look of the rod. Love that!
I left the lampshades in their original gold and silver metal colors.

This star was originally all gold so I added a blast of the silver glitter blast to make it look like the vintage silver. So pretty!! I love the vintage coloring. Each star is a different from the other. They have the same size and scale but, are different and unique, just like each of the lampshades.
My Winter Wonderland Metallic Lampshade Trees flank the back door and create an entrance into our backyard...AKA winter wonderland!!
Cassy Final

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Shelli said...

Cassy, these are beautiful! I love how they turned out!


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