Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas came from Kansas

My package came in the mail!!! It's like Christmas showed up on my doorstep a month early. I sent the cubby hole cabinet and ceiling tiles by slow boat to save money and it came on Wednesday, only four days after I shipped it home. So excited!!
Here's my cubby cabinet, possibly a postal cubby hole sorter. When I came around the corner and saw this cabinet at the River Market Antiques, I got so excited! Possibly even heart palpitations....she had to come home with me.....it just didn't fit in my suitcase so I had to find a way to get it home and the UPS store helped me ship it home for cheap because this baby is a like thirty pounds. I shipped this home with some beautiful old ceiling tiles. 
It's seven cubbies across by six rows...that's 42 cubbies of awesomness!! I know...not a word...but it definetely describes how much I like this cupboard. 
This is everything I fit in my suitcase. I know it doesn't look like I could fit the large wood box in my suitcase but, with all the clothes stuffed around it and the glass jar...we finally got the zipper to close. 
The wood box barely fit in my suitcase. Luckily, I had packed light so the clothes could be stuffed around the items that I took in my checked bag. 
The expandable rulers(or yard sticks) are going to be a great addition to my christmas decor. They make perfect rustic stars....LOVE IT!! 
I loved this old lab piece because I work in a hospital lab (once a week to keep my credentials....what I went to college for). I love lab stuff.....it can be used in so many ways....like flasks and graduated cylinders for mad scientist parties. This old old lab piece has clips on the end that would be perfect to hold a photo or a fun saying. 
It's very industrial looking yet can be so practical...I really like how it has to many screws to move all the parts to different angles. I had two mats cut so I can put two pictures back to back. I need to get my pictures put in so I can show you all. 
This is an old candy store's candy jar! I love apothecary jars and this candy jar was perfect for me! 
I added a 3x5 card in the clips....can't wait to see it with a real photo. 
I can't believe I got all this home in my suitcase!! I had such a fun time at an antique store that is so different from the stores I have around my house. So fun!! Then to have that package come in the mail.....it was like Christmas morning!! Christmas officially came from Kansas!
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