Thursday, September 29, 2011

Printer's Drawer Part 2

This is all the boards planed and rough cut, ready to be made into the face frame for the printers drawer cabinet. This is the cabinet (or hutch) that will sit on the top of the library card catalog
Then the boards (the boards to be the face frame) were fit between the drawers to make sure the measurements were correct. We (my neighbor that owns the wood shop and I) didn't want it to not fit after it was all glued together. (That would be bad and a lot of extra work!!)
The two sides were clamped so we could test the length of the middle boards of the face frame. Then we took it all apart and use a fancy drill tool to joint all the boards together with a little glue....of course! 
This is the face frame.....what it will look like on the front of the printers drawer cabinet. Cool huh!!?!! 
Now the face frame has to dry (the glue) and then we can trim the edges to fit exactly the printer's drawer cabinet. Then it can be attatched to the cabinet. So, it should be done pretty soon....all I have left is to attatch the face frame (after it's trimmed), make a top (router the edge) and attatch the top moulding. Not much....and I'm getting so excited to see it completed!
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