Saturday, August 20, 2011

Library Card Catalog All Done!!!

I finished my library card catalog and am thrilled!! I am grinning from ear to ear! I've even heard a few squeals of excitement from myself after I got it into the house and stepped back to admire it! 

The hardware is black (actual oil rubbed bronze) so the hardware reads as black but, to have a slight bronze tint to it.
This picture shows the ever-so-slight sparkle of bronze in the black paint. 
It will be fun to label each drawer with a description. 
This is the original plaque on the front of the base cabinet. I taped it off to save it when I painted the cabinet.
It's a nod to it's origin. Syracuse, NY......I love the name of that city! Ha 
On each of the drawers I VERY LIGHTLY distressed the edges. I wanted to accent each drawer without being over the top distressed. 

Each of the drawers were lined to make them more functional (due to the slot that ran down the middle). 
Each drawer has a surprise bottom in it! 
Each drawer is ready to be filled! 

The drawers were lined with shelf liner. I found the black and white roll of Grip Prints was from Target. 
I measured the drawer width then cut (center and all) roll so I could cut the individual drawer lengths. 
The shelf liner has a gripper backing which makes it heavier and sturdier than contact paper. 
Drawers all lined and ready to go back in the cabinet. is the before pictures again.
Great structure but, ready for a redo........
Here's the AFTER
I had my husband help me bring it inside once it was all sealed and I had him set in the living room so I could photograph it. I was loving it so much that when he asked if I was ready to have him help me take it to the studio(it's permanent home).....I just paused......kept looking......and decided I wanted it left in the room for a day so I could look at it all done. Ha Ha I love when I can laugh at myself (who else would want a library card catalog in their living room just for a day to look at....ha ha). It took so long to get done (longer than most projects) that I wanted it where I could see it all least for a little while. I still am SUPER excited to put it in my studio so I can give the kids toys their cupboard back (then I can get their toys organized better).
So, this is my library card catalog and I just LOVE it!! The original cabinet was rough when I started the project and took some work but, was totally worth it!!
Cassy Final


Emily said...

It looks awesome! Obviously, a lot of work. It's gorgeous.

Gayle said...

I'm so envious! I've had one of those on my wish list for at least 25 years, but have never come across one. Sigh.....
Enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you live Gayle, but here:

$300 for a HUGE one.

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

love your card catalog redo, was wondering if you might know where to find the rods, im redoing one and im missing about 25 rods,

Kisses Aren't Contracts said...

AH! I'm in Southern California & would DIE for this if anyone knows where to find!!

xoxxo Shauna

sarah rollston said...

Yours turned out great! I just bought one that I plan to fix up, but I can't figure out how to remove the hardware. The pull handle comes off just fine by removing screws, but the knob and the metal rail on the bottom look like they need to be forced out. Any tips?


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