Friday, August 12, 2011

Library Card Catalog Part 2 of ???

Remember my library card catalog. It was in need of a little TLC. It needed a new front face and sanding, priming and painting. So, let's get started.

It needed a front face but, I had to scrape the wonderful yucky glue off of the front before I could attatch a new face front.
My wonderful neighbor has a wood shop and he let me use his shop to build the front face for my library card catalog and a whole new top from scratch. This is the catalog unit on it's side with it's new face frame.

The front face was glued and nail gunned onto the front of the catalog unit. I got the wood peices by planing down a peice of wood to the right width (about and inch thick) and then using a table saw to cut thin strips(about 3/8 inch) and cut for the right length for each of the front peices needed to make the front face.
Some of the inside parts of the library card catalog is MDF. I made the front out of a hard wood. You can see the original hardware in the background (gold) ready to be painted.

I sanded the sides and the front facing to get ready to be primed.
The legs had small fissure cracks and I filled those with wood filler then sanded and got the base ready to be primed and painted.
I used my sander to sand most of the table but, had to hand sand some of it.
This is my cute finger-eating helper. She sat and talked(I love the cooing stage) to me as I filled the catalogs legs with wood filler.  Then I got it painted when she took her afternoon nap.
I even routered the new top. This is the bottom side view of the top so I could show the routered job on the new top. It will be turned over and attatched to the top of the library card catalog.
The original hardware. Ready for metal paint. 
I painted the hardware black oil rubbed bronze with Rustoleum metal spray paint. I love the original hardware, it is really cool but, I just didn't like the gold color. So, it got a fresh coat of paint.
Each of the drawers were sanded and ready for primer.

I primed the bottom legs of the cabinet first then turned it over to prime and paint the rest.

Now ready for Paint....Yeah, my favorite part!!

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