Thursday, March 3, 2011

I HAVE been busy

Doesn't this look like fun? Actually it's a custom order bench and it is turning out AWESOME. The paint was so dried out that it scraped off...after a few hours of work. I finished doing the building part of the bench and filled my screw holes yesterday. The hole filler is drying and then it's onto sanding and painting (which would have been today except it's raining and snowing, so hoping for nicer temperatures). I can't wait to show you soon! 
This is what else I have been up to.....lots of organizing, washing baby clothes and designing the nursery. I am about half-way done with all of the projects except the washing of the clothes. The baby clothes are washed and put away in the dresser.  Thank thing done and working on my list of TO-DO's before the baby is here in April.
So, stay tuned...I will post finished projects soon!Cassy Final


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