Monday, January 10, 2011

Penant Banner

Our son hit a milestone and I wanted to make a little something for the banana split party afterwards.
I started with a penant (triangle) shape. I made the first one with a little measuring and then used it as my template. 
I folded the end over so it could easily hang from the string. I had to clip the corners of the paper that showed from the front once it was folded over. 
I had these 3M hooks still up from my christmas garland on the mantle so I decided to use them one more time before I take them down. Might as well get good use out of something...right?!? 
The folded tab made it super easy to hang it from the string with just a little bead of glue in the crease. 
On each penant, I punched circles out of coordinating paper and then glued the letters to spell "congrats" and our child's name. 
The glue wasn't drying fast enough to keep the flap down so I used a small peice of tape on the back of each penant. 
There was extra string at the ends so I tied some ribbon knots on each end of the banner. 
Random peices of ribbon tied in knots. 

You can see the little peice of tape on each penant to help hold the flap down until the glue dried. 
The penant looked perfect and was great for the little family/friend banana split party afterwards. 
The banner was so FUN for the little party. 

Such a fun banner and was a great way to show how proud we were of our son. It was a little something to show him that we love him. Love ya buddy! Best of all...I was SO glad that he liked it!
Cassy Final

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