Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blue Side-Board With Hand Painted Design

Isn't she a bute!! This was a streetside find....can you believe that!! My awesome friend Katie found. She picked it up for me and asked me if I wanted it...OF COURSE!! My friend knows me well! Isn't this side-board gorgeous! Well, not yet....but she will be!
It had a top peice that was screwed on the back. It looked like it could have held a mirror at one point or was purely decorative but, one side was broken so it ended up being taken off. 
I sanded this peice really well. It had a weird layer of clear coat so, I didn't want my paint to bubble so I had to sand extra well. I just got out my hand sander and went to town. 
This peice is so interesting because it looks as though it was made by a carpenter in the depression era because of what it's made of....everything. It's a well made peice with solid wood everything even the drawer bottoms. The inside of the drawers are made from wood pallets from an original music store downtown slc because it still has the antique pallet sticker....too cool! The back is made from some antique paneling. It definetely has some cool character features. 
I had seen on some blogs the use of blue ocean breeze by krylon. I had bought this months ago and had wanted to try it. I got out my spray paint and started painting. It looked a little bright but I really didn't realize HOW bright it was until I brough it inside to do the hand painting and it looked NEON!! 
I decided to put it in my dining room and knew I had left over paint from my dining room chairs so I went searching for the left over paint. I found it and you can see the test spot color difference. Yikes! My dining room chairs have a gray/blue/green tint to them but against the bright looks almost purely grey. 
So, the whole thing got a fresh sanding and repainted in the dining room chair blue color. 
Now onto the hand painting. This blue color here is the dining room chair color so you can visualize how extremely bright blue the ocean color was before. Way too bright. 
I used a shape I downloaded for free off the internet and then used a pencil to draw out the design across the front of the drawers. 

Then onto the hand painting. I used my craft paint from delta called light ivory.
The sides were feeling left out so I added the design to the in-set part of the sides. 
It looks so great with the design on the sides too! 
All that is left is sealing the peice(protect it) and the hardware. The original hardware was is the exact hardware in my kitchen.....only needed to be painted black.
I used the krylon fusion black spray paint that is especially for metal. Tip: I used a cardboard box because I could push the screws into the box and they would get painted to match the pulls perfectly. 
Before attatching the hardware I needed to seal the peice. I tried the paste finishing wax from minwax for the first time because I didn't want the brush strokes to show from the polycrylic that I love so much. It worked great! It's not as hard of a sealer as a polyurethane but, worked just fine. Just follow the instructions on the can.
The last step was adding the hardware. 
I decided to move it to this wall in the dining room underneath the alphabet wall hanging(I hurried and took this picture before I moved the peice so everything had already been moved off the top). I love this black peice but, if you know me I am always moving furniture around to keep life fun.  So, now that the new side-board is painted to match the dining room chairs, it had to go here! 
here's the two peices side by side...the blue side-board is just so much fun! 
Isn't she gorgeous!?!?! 
I just LOVE how it turned out!! Better than I even imagined! 
I love how the hardware matches perfectly with the kitchen (open floor plan) because it's only steps away to the kitchen cupboards. 
The finish is so pretty...a nice satin sheen. 
I love how this peice makes me smile every time I walk past happy and fun! Perfect way to add a little splash of color! I love how the pattern continues fluidly across all the drawer fronts!
My favorite part about this is that it didn't cost me a dime (except for the spray paint...that was a mistake but, I had bought that months it didn't hurt so much) because the original side-board was a street-side find (free!!), the blue paint left over from the dining room chair project (Yeah, I love left overs), light ivory paint (found in my!), the template shape was free online, and it was original hardware painted with paint off my shelf (yeah...left-overs). So, I didn't spend anything out of my pocket to complete this project and that just makes it all the sweeter!! 
Cassy Final


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You are amazing!! I too found a writing desk someone had thrown out years ago. It too was made of several different pieces of wood and I knew it was from way back. I sanded it down and applied a cherry stain to it (stain I had left over) and all the pieces of wood stained the way they wanted to. It's amazing! I now use it ast he computer desk. People comment when they see it. They think I spent alot for it.

Cassy said...

Some of my very favorite projects have been free or little to nothing on expense. Maybe that makes me love them even more. LOL Can't pass up a great deal...especially if it has potential!

Dana Day said...

This turned out so cute. And I am not even there to call up and tell me to run over and see it anymore. I am grateful for the internet. Love Ya Friend! :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

She is really gorgeous!!


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