Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finally Found!

Black Friday was a success!! We went home for Thanksgiving to our small home town and we hit the few stores in town for the black friday sale. I have been looking for a WHITE comforter to finish my daughter's bedding. The fabric is a white sweater knit looking fabric and I wanted it white underneath the fabric so a color didn't show through the lighter fabric. I could find every color available for a comforter except white. I did find a white comforter once but it was over sixty dollars and the bargain hunter in me knew I could find one better priced. I still had to cut off part of the twin comforter to fit this custom bed so I didn't want to spend too much when you just had to cut it. This white feather & down comforter was over half off....SCORE!! So, I will finally finish this project. Sometimes you have to wait to find exactly what you want...I just wish I could have found it sooner but, better late than never!


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