Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Frame and Rosette Mirror

I found this picture frame and it already had the paper mod podged to the front. I loved the black paper and knew it would be SO cute as a Halloween frame. I had to paint the edges black then I added some embellishment and made a little mummy. I cut cardboard for the figure then added large brads with white circles for the eyes. I wrapped it in cut peices of cheese cloth. I tied fabric and black toole around the picture frame. It turned out cute although with the ribbon behind it, it almosts looks like it is trying to be a mummy bat. Oh well, still cute.
I stamped "Happy Halloween" inside with the picture. It turned out pretty cute!
My coworker and friend Sara asked me if I would help her make something fun for a co-worker that was leaving. She had helped her with a college class and wanted to do something nice. I helped her paint a mirror black. Cover it in a tight-printed fabric and then embellish it. We added some velvet ric-rac and made some rosettes out of vintage fabric. It turned out pretty cute and I hope she liked it! I love how it can be hung either way vertical or horizontal and the embellishment will still look SO darling!

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