Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black & Purple Lantern Lights

I found these lanterns and knew for 1. They were ugly gold. and 2. they would be great wired as lanterns for my front porch. Then I wouldn't have to buy so many candles during this season to put in my lanterns and they would be able to be on every night and not just for holiday events. The lights were off of a house and had wiring to be hard wired to a wall. I am going to wire these to a plug so I can plug these in for the holiday season. Thank goodness my husband will be able to help me wire.
I took the time to cover the glass with newpaper and tape. I had to wipe these lights clean, a lot. They were pretty dirty being outside for who knows how long. So, once clean they were ready for paint. I painted them black to go with my theme for Halloween this year.
Once I had painted the outside. I removed the newpaper and tape and moved it to the inside so I could paint the inside without getting the glass. I could use the left outside for the right inside and vice-versa because of the shape of the glass. It made it really easy to paint the inside of the light reusing the same newpaper/tape.
I was was about to paint the inside black and then...I knew it could be more interesting. So, I painted the inside purple to add some color and interest to these really cool lights. Aren't these going to be just fun hanging on my posts on both sides of my front steps leading the way? I will post pictures when I am finally able to decorate for Halloween. My husband asked me to wait AT LEAST another week before I start decorating. Something about summer JUST BARELY getting over.....so, I am finishing all my projects for decorating and will post pictures of them all done-up and decorated SOON!!!!

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