Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Rocking Chair and Quilted Cupboard

This green rocking chair is an antique. The lines of the peice and the solid wood is what makes this such a great rocking chair. The pictures doesn't show very well how pretty the color is but, you can go see it in person at the SILVER DRAWER in Syracuse, Utah. Boy, this picture makes it hard to tell the color of this rocker. It is the prettiest green color. The edges have been distressed and stained. The seat has a circle that I handpainted a gingham print in and floated the edges with antiquing gel. It turned out so pretty. The top of the rocker has three smaller circles with the same design of gingham print with the same floating.
This cupboard is just over three feet tall. It is the perfect little storage cupboard. It would be great in a nursery or a bathroom. The fun buttons and green fabric makes this a great storage peice. This is the cutest little cupboard. It has one shelf inside and would be perfect to hold diapers or in a bathroom to hold extra towels or toilet paper. The front of the cupboard has a quilted look to it with the fabric covered buttons that are cream corderoy with small brown polka dot. The green fabric is a subtle plaid with cream lines. The cupboard is a fun brown color that brings it together. This cupboard would be so cute with the rocking chair in a nursery or childs room. I didn't even do these two peices at the same time and they look perfect together. It's funny how that happens!

These are the fabric cream courderoy polka-dot buttons on the fabric. The door has batting in it to created the quilted effect. What a fun little storage cupboard!

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