Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don’t want to forget Christmas!

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I didn’t want to not blog about it. My family travelled to my home town for Christmas and we spent it surrounded by family. We loved our time there! Since we were traveling for Christmas, I kept my decorating simple and mostly in the front room.
The theme of this year was Christmas Carols!
I started my mantle with an “Oh come all ye faithful” chalkboard, added my “Joy” German Glass Glitter Letters in an antique frame and finished it off with beautiful vintage angel wings in an antique frame (of course!)!
Candle lights and greenery are finished with berries. The greenery grounded the mantle and the candle lights provided shimmer at nights creating a magical feel to the room.
The room was kept with mostly reds and white colors. Usually I throw in lime green for a unexpected twist to the Christmas green but, I just kept all my lime green in my Christmas bins. I love the simplified color scheme this year!
I am in love with German Glass Glitter and couldn’t resist putting out my “wish” letters on my cubby hole cabinet. Love me some beautiful glitter!
I chalked a “No place like Home for the Holiday” chalkboard because it perfectly stated what I was excited about for this season…..GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY!! Wahoo!!
In the couch area I kept with a snow theme, that way I could get extended use out of the décor because I could leave it up through January! Bring on the Snow!!
I used simple plastic snowflakes from the dollar store to secure the “Snow” theme. They looked great perched on the vintage shelf.
The front entry was filled with a typewriter announcing “Merry Christmas” and a vintage Christmas Carol book under my glass dome with simple berry garland around everything.
I flipped my 9 ft. around and exposed the original red paint. I hung a boxwood wreath with ribbon. So pretty!
The mantle bottom ledge was finished with an antique box filled with all the parts to make a snowman complete with a black top hat! Love the possibilities, now all we need is some snow!
I love all the detail ornaments in the cubby cabinet. I have ornaments from my childhood, grandmother and new ones that I love! I love that it give me a place to display these memories!
This room is magical at night! The lights on the tree, mantle and lamps create a room that invites the Christmas holidays with Carols Singing everywhere you look!
I hope this holiday season was great for all of you because it was magical for my family and I! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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valerie said...

You are so talented! I love seeing your new posts.


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