Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Autumn, You went so fast!

AUTUMN!! Where did Summer go….as I type this, I am decorating for Christmas. This has been a crazy busy filled year. And, unfortunately something has had to give a little, and it’s been blogging. Not that I haven’t been doing projects (Oh NO!) It’s just the time to blog them….I haven’t found a lot of time. I want to catch up on the major ones that I’ve done. I was able to blog Halloween (how could I not…. I love that Holiday!!) but, I need to catch up a bit. To start with, I spruced up my outdoor furniture this summer. It’s an all wood set and needed some TLC.
I picked up some stain that has the poly (the protective layer) all together. My wood was dry and ready for some nourishment. It soaked in nicely. I even went right over the areas that still had a little of the golden oak color stain. The darker color went right over the top and soaked in nicely.
I finished one chair and started the next one. Such a drastic difference. It’s amazing how you look at something so long, you miss the obvious….these chairs needed some color!
I used “PolyShades” from Minwax. I did lightly sand all the wood and then wiped it down before I started.
These three pieces soaked up that whole can of PolyShade Stain. They were definitely in need of some stain and protection.
Here is our garden, growing great and producing:lettuce, lots of herbs, carrots, radishes, swiss chard, cucumbers and onions. My husband wanted the garden backed up to the lounger so it could be protected from rogue basketballs. It worked great!
Many summer days/nights were spent out enjoying the lounger. We love being outside!
This is us enjoying a pop-cycle after a family bike ride.
I love how the furniture looks fresh and new with just a little poly-shade stain. So happy with the result and they are protected for another year of enjoyment!

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