Friday, October 25, 2013

Witch Class Is In Session

Every Halloween Season, I add at least ONE Halloween thing that I absolutely love! I love Halloween items that I can see long term. This year it was a wonderful vintage print of Halloween Witches. The print looks from the 1900’s of a school class that is dressed up as witches. You can see their hats are made of paper cones and it is absolutely awesome!!
I found this print online from a poster shop. Yes! You can have one too and you can also have it printed in different sizes. So you can find one that works for you. If you want an amazing Witch’s Class Photo. You can find it here. (They have added Happy Halloween to this print)
The other addition to my Halloween D├ęcor are these Victorian boots that are the perfect set of witch boots that I picked up at Sparks Flea Market this Summer (Yep, always on the look out for amazing Halloween items, I also picked up my typewriter at this same flea market)! The patina on the leather is amazing! There is newspaper stuffed in the top of the boots. I had to investigate, The lady I bought them from had never looked and curiosity got the best of me and the newspaper is over 40 years old! They are the perfect display piece for Halloween!
Next to all this witchy goodness is my spell book, an apothecary jar of frogs and a poison bottle. Perfect for a witch’s Lair (or tv watching, couch area LOL)
The wall above the Witch’s Lair is the perfect place to display her collection of witch’s hats! The antique frames (were empty next to the witch’s class picture) and needed something to add to the witch’s lair. So I designed engineering prints to pop inside these frames for the season. I plan on printing my family pictures and displaying them in these frames (after Halloween) but, for now… engineering prints for just over $3 for both prints, fit the bill.
The frames are repainted antique frames. The purple witch silhouette I did a few years ago.
The old frames (the black one from Sparks Flea Market) were needing something (they were beautiful empty frames hanging on the wall) so I designed a simple print to be printed as an engineering print at OfficeMax and then added some chalk leaf detailing.
Engineering Prints are available at copy stores and you pay 68 cents (don’t quote me on this, but I’m close) per square foot. These two cost me just over $3. I used foam board from the dollar store to mount my prints on because my frames had no glass or backing to mount the prints to (the paper is thin). They turned out awesome and were the perfect way to fill my antique frames!
“Curious things” print, I designed for me to chalk a bubbling cauldron but, I liked it as it was, so I left it. Perfectly Imperfect to the left (space for the cauldron on the right) in it’s Halloween saying! I love it!
Witch Class is in Session!

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Jeannette & Brandt said...

LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I could just come to your house and stare at everything all day!!


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