Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book Club Halloween Party

I hosted book club this month and what a perfect month for me to host……for I like Halloween (just a little!) LOL As I mentioned before the book we read was, STIFF: the curious lives of human cadavers by Mary Roach. It was a fascinating and little bit gross book. I learned a lot about how cadavers enhance science and all the things they are used for, to better us all. So, the theme of the food table definitely had a bone and science theme.
One of the chapters is about the forensic body farm in Tennessee. I wanted to mimic a cake without being gross… I made it chocolate! I made white chocolate skeletons from a chocolate mold bought at Michaels for $1.99. I made a yummy chocolate cake poked holes, poured sweetened condensed milk while still warm. Cooled the cake and added cool whip, crushed Oreo’s and the cute white chocolate skeletons. The cake was a big hit!
I tried to snap a few photos before everyone showed up (before I even had my chocolate body farm cake in the front middle! LOL (just imagine it in the center…people started showing up and I set down my camera, thus no complete pics) The swamp water is bubbling nicely, though!
Ahah! I do have one pic, just not from the front. The food was super yummy!! Two of my friends helped me out and brought Bruschetta and Asparagus rolls! They were the salty to the sweet! Behind the bubbling swamp water you can see I suspended some x-rays. (You might recognize these stands from the dress clothesline, seen here although they have been painted black to match today’s theme) On top of the scale I made chocolate brains (chocolate molds made for covering Oreos, again the mold was $1.99 from Michaels)
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The party favors were my favorite! I’ve had this skeleton/pretzel mold and have used it before but, it went so perfectly for this theme!! I added hand stamped tags that read, “Partially decomposed finger…..lightly salted, COLD PRESSED” It was awesome!! It went perfectly with the theme of the book!!
The other party favor had a hand-stamped tag that read, “bat droppings”. I took regular clear party bags, cut them in half (wouldn’t have to fill them as much) and filled them with whoppers! They were a hit and everyone wanted bat droppings and a chocolate pretzel finger! It was the perfect party favor!
So if you ever read this interesting book, you now have ideas how to make it cute and not so gross!
Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!!

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