Friday, October 25, 2013

Bat Mobile

This was the final piece to my Halloween Decorating. Literally, the morning before the Book Club Party, I was hanging my Bat Mobile.
Most Mobiles that I found to make online were made of Sewing Loops and had 3 varying layers from big to small. I wanted it to spiral down like the bats were circling. So I set out to the hardware store. The men must have been bored that morning because one, two then eventually three of them together were listening to my idea of this spiral shape and tried to help me find something that would work. We walked around and found a few ideas that were marginal but, then the plumbing expert had an “Ahah” moment and picked up a coiling of refrigeration copper tubing. It came in the spiral shape, could be made into any shape (pliable enough), would hold its shape once shaped and could collapse back down for easy storage.
So I bought a pre-boxed $8 coil of copper refrigeration tubing, shaped it into my spiral shape, painted it black. Thanks Plumbing guy, you took my idea and made it functional!
I planned on cutting out bat shapes for my mobile but, I was at Michael’s picking up the chocolate molds for the Book Club Party and all Halloween was at a huge discount. I already knew I was making a bat mobile so when I found two packs of 12 pre-punched bats for a dollar or two a piece, I bought them! Thanks Martha Stewart Halloween, that saved me some paper cutting time for sure!
Right before my husband was leaving to clinical rotation, I asked him to help me hang my bat mobile. I was a little scared of the height. He said he could help me for 5 minutes but, he really only had 5 minutes to help so if it didn’t work like I planned, he was still going to have to leave. (fingers crossed this worked).
He was able to wire it from the anchor screws on the light fixture (PHEW….my idea worked) and I stood back and instantly LOVED IT!!
I love my bat mobile! It’s so 3-dimensional and looks better in person.
Every angle looks different as if the bats really are circling the moon. Happy Bat Mobile Making!

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valerie said...

You have a VERY good husband! Not sure Jeff would be so willing to do all the things your hubby does! Lucky girl!


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