Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bicycling Chalkboard


I changed my chalkboard to one more summery! We are really into bike riding with the kids so I went with this theme. I am finally changing it from the girl’s birthday in April. Better late than never!


I found an image on my computer that I had saved years ago and printed it out. I drew grid lines on it and then put light grid lines on my chalkboard. I then drew this image and word by hand.


Once the image is designed out, I used a cloth that was damp to erase my grid lines. (Note: if your chalkboard is not seasoned….please do that first….since you will forever have “ghost” designs on your chalkboard and they won’t erase with a cloth and water)DSC_0173


The bicycles in the image were a little too detailed for a chalkboard, so I chalked a simpler bike. I love the simple lines!


The chalkboard turned out AWESOME!!



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