Friday, May 10, 2013

Yellow Sunflower Wedding Reception

Wow, has it been busy here. I have been doing tons of projects but have been so busy that I haven’t even been able to post them. That’s pretty crazy!
Here is a wedding reception that I helped my friend do in March. Yep, that behind!! LOL I will try to get caught up. I have some really exciting projects that I am dying to show you all! These are cups that were on clearance from Anthropology. So cute!
We had just had a wind storm when we were trying to figure out how to get the biggest bang for our buck. My friends neighbor’s tree was budding when a storm hit and all these branches broke, YES!! (Sad for the neighbor, though) Free food table centerpiece! Add our sunflower’s in balls from the tree and we could bring the bride’s wish for sunflowers (Kansas’ State flower)  to the table! We had a very minimal wish list and had a lot of room to expand upon her ideas. So, we used the yellow with whimsical polka dot fabric for the tables because the Bride and Groom are really fun!
The cups had wheat grass grown in them and were nestled on books off the shelf that had been covered in brown craft paper (another color the Bride wished for).
We had a birdcage for Cards! Complete with a mason jar’s lit by battery candles!
Each centerpiece on the round tables had one of my scales ( ha ha, I didn’t realize I had enough to do a wedding reception! LOL )DSC_0323
Each centerpiece had a mason jar with their picture inside, a little bit of wheat grass, a book, candles and a scale. It’s was simply beautiful!
We set up the night before the reception, so that is why there is no water or food on the tables. I wasn’t even able to go to the reception because I had to work that evening but, was so happy I could help before and have it ready for the Bride to be surprised with a beautiful, simple reception!
Congratulations K & M! We had a great time helping with your vision of a simple, beautiful wedding reception! Best wishes!

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I am in love with the first love love it! I just bought one the other weekend at first Fridays!


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