Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rainbow Cake Topper

The rainbow-cake topper was SO cute and the perfect way to top a beautiful, fun cake! The pom-poms are made from DMC floss. So, it’s super simple, inexpensive and has big impact.
Here’s some simple instructions on how to make this awesome rainbow-cake topper.DSC_0005
6 DMC floss: purple, red, orange, yellow, green and blue
2-straws or colored sticks
2-small clothes pins
bakers twine (about 18 inches)
Take the entire (yep, the whole thing) of DMC floss out of it’s wrapper.  Cut one string of floss off the end of the roll to use to tie the middle (about an 10 inch piece). Fold the rest of the floss into thirds. DSC_0008
Wrap the piece of cut thread around the middle and tie in a tight knot.DSC_0009
Use scissors to cut the loops.
Make pom-poms out of all six colors. (Each different color of DMC floss costs around 40 cents so, you can make this cake topper for $2.40)DSC_0015
Use your long thread piece that you used to tie the middle of the pom-pom, to tie each pom-pom to the baker’s twine. Now use a needle to punch holes in the top of the straws and thread the bakers twine through the hole. I tied the bakers twine into a knot around each straw so it wouldn’t slip or droop down.DSC_0016
Use clothes pins to add a decorative touch to the straws so it looks like the pom-poms have been clothes-pinned onto the straw. The last thing to do (and the most fun) is pushing the straws into the cake to be the perfect cake topper!
Best rainbow cake topper (and cheap too)!

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