Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Orange Hair Bow Decadence

Finding really pretty orange bows are non-existent, even around Easter time. So, I made my own to match my girls Easter dresses. I try to keep to a color theme for Easter Outfits and went out on a limb this year with Orange. I like to choose a color that will go well with both boys and girls. The boys won’t do pink, it’s not cool yet and I’ve done a lot of colors just not orange, until this year!
I made each of my girls a unique hair bow. My eight year olds flower was a little larger and had more complimentary flowers on the band. The babies was simpler and had the Russian netting sticking out below to create a small veil. I love details like that!
Three silk rosettes with looped pearls, a dab of lace and feathers finished this beautiful multi-toned flower. I added the Russian Netting to the center of the flower.
The center of this flower is a vintage ladies earing that I picked up at the last estate sale I went to. It’s a beautiful way to re-purpose beautiful things from the past. The back was taken off and the small holes in the metal where the clip attached were used as anchor points for the needle and thread.
The babies Hair bow was accentuated with a tulle and silk rosette (complete with three crystals in the center) large orange netting, feathers and finished with a large tied bow.
The little bit of Russian netting poking out of the bottom of the flowers just makes me smile. I love those precious details!
The small flower was finished off with a grouping of pearls.
I love when silk material comes with other undertones of colors. This orange silk had a hot pink undertone! How cool is that! So beautiful!
My daughter squealed with delight when she saw what I had made to match her orange Easter Dress. She’s not a girly-girl but, she had been to the fabric store to help me pick-out fabric and was so excited with what I had stayed up late making it for her! She loved it!
The orange decadent hair bows completed the orange Easter dresses perfectly!
Orange might be my new favorite color! It’s such a decadent color!

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Daughter of Eve said...

These are so gorgeous! If you make more, will you post a tutorial, or can you reccomend any pre-existing tutorials? I love the fresh orange color. :)


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