Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happiness in White Trim


This white trim just speaks happiness to me! I love the clean look and how you can really enjoy the stripes that I painstakingly painted into this nook to create interest. Now that the trim is white you notice the stripes a TON more and can quit focusing on the golden oak trim! You can really tell the difference in the before and after picture. I love the striped wall and that it extends into the nook because it creates a fun little area that leads into the playroom, kitchen and powder room. I think the trim looks crisp and white! See…Happiness!!WhiteDoorTrimTaped

I used Floetrol with the paint so that when the trim dries, they look like they were professionally sprayed because it gives them a smooth, “shell” like feeling and look. They are super smooth and don’t show brush marks because Floetrol extends the dry time and helps it to dry really smooth and hard. Floetrol is perfect for trim and mouldings because it helps keep to protect against scuffs and dings.WhiteDoorTrim

It’s just a little slice of happiness and now I have all of the window mouldings and door frames painted on the main floor. I am SO glad my home owners are awesome and allowing me to help them update the home!


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