Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mandy Mirror


The Mandy Mirror is a revamp of a 1970’s mirror. It was super “rad, man” (can you tell I’ve watched Cars a few times with my kids, LOL). Our friends were driving through from Utah on their way East to a family reunion. We had a day to do something so the girls wanted to go check out some cool shops. I wanted to show Mandy this little main street I had found that had some fun shops.  I saw this mirror and loved it…except the GAUDY shell sticking up on the top. I love gorgeous shaped mirrors but this one was over the top with the huge shell sticking off the top. A little TOO 70’s for me!mirror at fritzs

Back story: I saw this mirror a few weeks previously at the little furniture store on the main street (it has like five antique stores within 3 blocks! Fun little town). I had joked with the store owner and asked if he would take $50 but, he had declined saying others had offered $50 but, he was selling it for his mother-in-law and wanted more for it. I had walked away that day but….

When I took my friend Mandy to this cute little town for a little “girls” time. I walked back in this furniture store and joked if he wouldn’t still not take $50 for it. Mandy loved the mirror too! We talked back and forth but, I really didn’t want to pay more than $50 for it especially since I would still have to experiment and see if I could chop off the shell on the top. When, before I knew it, “Mandy had offered him $65 for the mirror and he took it! I was standing there (hopefully not with my mouth hanging open) and realized that my friend had just offered for ME to pay $65 for this mirror. I tried to act cool as I paid for the purchase but, inside I was a mix of laughter. My friend had just spent my money and I had been ready to walk away from it. Oh well, I guess it was meant to come home with me and my friendship is definitely worth more than a mirror. ( Sorry Mandy if you are reading this for the first time, I was so stunned that I didn’t say anything at the time. But, imagine telling your husband that you came home with a mirror, ONLY that your best friend bought this mirror….. I bought this mirror and you are laughing so hard, you can hardly tell him the story and the best part is….yes, your friend YOU surprisingly bought a mirror because your friend made the deal! I am glad he found the humor in it too! Love you Mandy! You are awesome! Hope the homemade cinnamon rolls we sent with you on the road somehow makes up for me telling this story!?!)DSC_0481

The LOVELY shell detail. (Yuck!) It hung out from the mirror a good 3 inches…too over the top! The rest of the lines of the mirror are beautiful!DSC_0488Well, my experiment with the jig saw worked. If a mirror is made of foam core or whatever it is…you really can use a jig saw and while following the shape of the emblem below it, cut it off to reveal a perfectly gorgeous frame that is simply elegant.DSC_0485

I sanded down the edges to make it smooth and ready for primer and paint.


I primed and then painted the frame Rustoleum Heritage White (my favorite white color) and attached the original hardware that kept the mirror in the frame.


The details of the frame are GORGEOUS! It’s simply elegant without being over the top (without the shell at the top, that is!) I love my Mandy Mirror!DSC_0712editedDSC_0717edited

I hung it above my piano and am excited to get my Halloween decoration up because a mirror will be awesome to reflect, not only the lovely glow of lamps at night but, the twinkling midnight lights of Halloween!


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ReDO GaLS said...

Hey Cassie, Miss you and always check the blog. As usual making the new house all your style. I love the mirror. I just got done posting about a mirror I recently found at the DI. Come and check it out. Hope all is well and miss seeing you at the pool parties!


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