Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Beginning of Building the Antique Boxes Hutch

Boards Cut

The start of my Antique Boxes Hutch was large sheets of high grade plywood. There was no way we could use real wood, glued together and expect perfection when our plans called for cuts down to the 1/16th of a measurement and everything had to be perfectly square with dividers only 3/8th and 1/4 inch wide. It had to be precise and therefore we needed the straightest wood that would be the most like a real plank. We used a high density plywood (really good quality). I had to drive to Salt Lake City to a wood store to buy the wood I needed for the project. The wood store was awesome! They loaded my order up on my trailer with a fork lift. It was great…drive up and your order is put on your trailer. The nice fork lift man helped me use corners(glorified pieces of cardboard that would protect the edge of your board so it wouldn’t be broken when you cinched it down) and I was in and out of the store (without getting the kids out of the car) in less than 15 minutes. It was awesome! What other wood store is like a drive thru! LOLCuttingEverything had to be really precise! The dividers were all different widths to compensate for the different widths of the boxes and still allowing the hutch to be square with all the different size boxes! It was a tricky but, the computer program had done all the hard work now, we just had to follow it’s dimensions to the “T”! No simple task!Dividers CutAll the different size dividers.Priming before assembly

Once everything was cut (No, this wasn’t all done in a day….this project took a few months because….most weeks we would work on the antique wood box project once a week for a few hours on Wednesday evening). So, little by little everything was cut out…it was fun having my wood project to look forward to on Wednesday evening for a few hours!

After everything was cut, we decided that it should be primed before it was assembled because it would be really hard to get my hand inside to prime the inside of each cubby hole. So, I primed everything before the hutch was assembled!! So exciting!! I had to use a HUGE piece of plastic to be able to fit all of the pieces together! Then, after I had primed one side and the edges, I had to turn everything over like a pancake and prime the other side! It was exciting seeing my vision come together little-by-little!


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