Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Window Trim Painted White


I am in love with the new painted white trim around the front room windows. I was not in love with the golden oak color and they needed to be white to match the new windows. So, a little painter’s tape, white umber paint and Floetrol (makes it so you don’t have brush strokes and leaves a “shell” finish that is SUPER durable) the windows looked brand new!!



The windows are over ten feet so I had to use my blue side board to reach the top windows to paint.


        BEFORE                                                                                    AFTER

Painting the trim white made the trim fade away so you can enjoy the view and not notice only the trim. Much better… just a few more rooms to go! This was the one room that was bugging me the most…so it was first on the chopping block painter’s list.


I have ideas to replace those mini blinds too….now, just some time to get this done.



The Merrell Family said...

So much better! Its the little details that sometimes make the biggest difference.

Raymonde Birch said...

Forgive me, but that brown and green trim just really had to go. Changing the trim color is a great idea! That white trim just made the room sunnier and classier. Aside from the illusion of being brand-new, a plain white color actually hides the flaws of window trims. So, thumbs up to your decision!

Raymonde Birch


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