Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stripes Walls for Independence Day


So, I am making this house ours! I have the best land lords ever and they are okay with me painting….even the oak trim! Yeah!! If it’s a neutral color, they will even pay for the paint. (so…that means that they won’t pay for all my paint. ha ha I do like color!) I have already painted the trim around the front windows. I’ll have to show you the transformation…It’s amazing!DSC_0339DSC_0333

I added some interest to the boring wall under the stairs and the tiny hallway that leads to the bathroom, basement and kitchen. I added some fun white and grey stripes and I love them!!

I hung up my hand distressed flag just in time for the Fourth of July complimented by Patriotic Photos of the children taken at Antelope Island before we moved. I also used gold frames….which is a first for me. My husband even commented that this is the first time he has ever seen gold frames, and they aren’t even painted! Ha Ha DSC_0325DSC_0129

This is the main room of the house with nothing but our dining room table (what, you don’t you see it, look close, it’s the plastic bin turned upside down because our second moving truck trailer didn’t show up until the next Tuesday because Memorial Day was on Monday and they don’t deliver on holidays so therefore our main moving truck came on Tuesday. Of course, the same day my husband started school, so it’s been super busy trying to move into the house while we are both so busy) But, this is how it started….a blank slate……and it has been really fun and overwhelming trying to figure out how to set up the furniture and what ideas would be perfect to make this house feel like home.


When I saw this wall under the stairs I thought stripes would be perfect. So two small quarts of paint later, I had a wall with some interest. Grey and white stripes!DSC_0304

I measured the wall and figured out what size stripes I could do to get an equal amount of stripes. I then used a long level to pencil in the lines. I then used frog tape to follow the pencil lines and used a little tape to mark the stripe that I didn’t want to tape. I had painted the wall three shades lighter than the darker stripe. So, it’s really not white, it’s a lighter grey.DSC_0308DSC_0309

Once the tape is pulled off, it has created this beautiful movement into a small little hallway. It created such personality in such a small space.


Adding a flag, a few gold frames and a star, I have my modern take on a patriotic theme motif. I love how the stripes peek through and add some interest and movement to a small space.DSC_0327These stripes are so yummy! DSC_0338

This wall is patriotic right now but, I am sure all of you can see that it will probably change with the seasons. OF COURSE!!!!



I have some fun projects in the mix….lots of painting of walls and painting some trim. I am doing a little each night after the kids go to bed but, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work means that I can’t stay up as late as I used to so….the projects are taking a little longer than I usually do so, bear with me…a house takes a little while. 


So I’ve been here a month and already have striped walls. Oh my, three years might leave no walls left unpainted…I guess we’ll have to see!! LOL I have wanted to do stripes for a while and I found the perfect place for them…the wall under the stairs with the adjoining hallway. It’s perfect….a small space with TONS of personality!


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Shannon Elizabeth said...

Cassy this really turned out so AWESOME!!! I might have told you, but I have been wanting to do horizontal stripes in a part of our house SO bad..But how did you make the lines so straight? That's my only concern when doing it. But it looks great!:)


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