Friday, June 29, 2012

Custom Closets


The closets were built to be big. I didn’t want the standard small closets. We have nice size closets upstairs and I wanted to replicate that downstairs. I enjoy having things tucked away in the closet so that good design can prevail.


Each closet was a little different size due to the duct work and the layout. These pictures were taken when the closets were being primed and painted. We even used a little space from the large bathroom to put in a closet in the hallway (pic on right). We have always needed a space for board games, toys or just towels for downstairs. There is tons of space for towels in the vanity but, it is always nice to have a linen closet upstairs and downstairs.  We actually measured our board games to make the shelves for the game closet. We measured our game sizes, figured out how many games would fit on a shelf and then adjusted the shelves to allow for five large board games on each shelf so, on some shelves, it may fit more games! Yeah…finally a place to put the games…and then we moved! Ha Ha…hopefully we can eventually move back there and enjoy this beautiful space we created! (p.s. we are renting the house while we are in Kansas going to school)



Ansley said...

It looks so deceptively simple! I'm planning on building a linen closet inside our washroom closet. I hope it turns out looking as good as yours! (when I actually get around to it! lol)

girls bedroom said...

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