Friday, April 27, 2012

Maps, Suitcases…you would think I was ready for a trip…


No, I am not going anywhere yet, although a vacation is sounding pretty nice but, we aren’t yet… least not until next month( for those of you just joining us, my husband got into graduate school in the midwest and we will be moving there next month, so it’s really busy around here trying to get everything done and getting ready to go) Here is my buy of one of three vintage maps from a “LOT OF 3 Maps”. I found this set on public surplus and won the bid for a dollar!! I know…with the 10% charge or minimum of a $1…the lot of three cost me $2 total. Killer deal! The only problem was that the maps were in a town three hours away…Oops! The guy happened to be coming up my way two weeks later and we met up to get me the maps. So glad there are such nice people! Now….I just need to get them to my sister…another three hours away. Geez….it’s a good thing my brother will be swinging by this way and can take them to her this weekend! I guess…good things come to those who wait! Ha Ha The maps are totally worth it! DSC_0706

This is my sister’s aviator dresser. You can read about how I did this dresser here. Once this dresser was finished, I knew it would look awesome with a vintage map above it with a bright red plane. My sister bought a metal plane at Hobby Lobby last time she was out here and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday in search of a projector (my next project) and saw that all metal was 50% off so, she had me buy her a yellow and a green one to go with her red plane. Perfection!

Ads Planes

Now, other things that I have been up to…….I blogged about my girls birthday party and never posted a few of the projects I did to make their birthday a success! I found this vintage suitcase for $5 and just needed to change the color. It needed to be a happy yellow!DSC_0076DSC_0077

I just taped off the silver hardware so that it would still be it’s original metal color.DSC_0151edited

I love the yellow! It still makes me giddy looking at this party. It could also be that…. it was SUCH a fun party! We really enjoyed having our close family and friends over! Memorable party!Birthday Banner Beginnings

The other little project that I threw together is their yellow and aqua birthday banner. I used two Prima(that’s the brand) scrapbook albums that came with two white canvas, two pink canvas and two plexiglass pages, all with the edges already punched for a book. I used a polka dot to cover the pink and then used paint on one of the pink canvas’ because I wanted the girls names to be on the banner below and I was short one white canvas. I used supplies that I already had and if something was the wrong color well….I just used a little acrylic craft paint to add the right color I needed. It turned out beautiful and I have since used it in their birthday pictures in an orchard with a lace tent (now that’s a post for another day!).bANNERDSC_0160

During the day, the plexiglass really “popped” the letters. The happy yellow and aqua colors….I just LOVE!DSC_0247edited

So, I have been really busy lately…we are putting in a couple rooms in the basement so we can rent out our house while we are gone to graduate school and I’ve been working on my antique box cabinet(building it from scratch, which got glued/nailed last night…Yippee!) and working on a dresser for one of my clients! I am trying to keep caught up but, it seems to be harder than thought!


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Ansley @ Fabulousified said...

I love seeing someone who painted a suitcase like that! I have one laying around I was planning on painting, but was wondering how it'd actually turn out!


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