Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Antique Chair with Desk

DSC_0462I took this beautiful 80 year old chair and had to fix a minor crack in the upper back (probably from a kid leaning back and falling back on this chair, ooh…if this chair could talk I am sure it could tell lots of stories). I filled, sanded, removed the real leather seat and then primed the wood. This sealed in any stains or odors.


Then painted the antique chair candy apple green to match my client’s bedding. I wanted a pop of the green color on the other side of the room from the bed, so the chair was the perfect way to “pop” in this color.


Then I monogrammed the front and back of the chair. The chair should be pushed in (but let’s be honest, it is in a teenager’s room and probably won’t always be pushed in). I printed out a letter “E” from the computer and then used that print out to hand sketch the letter “E” onto the middle slat on the back. I used stain and a simple paintbrush to add the monogrammed letter "E”.

DSC_0815DSC_0823DSC_0829The leather seat was re-attached and the chair was waxed in a clear Annie Sloan Wax and a dark Annie Sloan Wax. This made the chair smooth and soft with a touch of darkened wax in the edges and corners.


I gave the desk a small face lift with a fresh coat of antique white paint (matching the bedding). and then decided it needed a little bit of green to incorporate the fun green chair. So…I rummaged through my “stuff” and found a stencil and went to town…..


So I stenciled part of a stencil (I had on hand, of course!) in a candy apple green color to add a modern pop of color to the desk. I also painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze to update the hardware.


DSC_0825The desk is now finished and ready to go to my teenage client’s room. It is a classic desk with a twist of color that matches the fun bedding. The wall color is a beautiful brown so the lighter heritage white desk and colorful candy apple green chair pop. I love taking old, well-made pieces and updating them to work in a teenager’s room. I love this fun green chair, personalized with her “E” monogram. It’s fun and personal!


Love it!!


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