Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bench made out of a Baby Crib

I have been meaning to go to my neighbor’s and ask her about taking a picture of the crib bench that I helped her make out of her children’s crib. The crib was sentimental and she didn’t want to just throw it away but, with all the new regulations, it probably wouldn’t be a working crib anymore. So, we sawed, cut, built a seat, filled screw holes, primed, painted and distressed to reveal this beauty!
Here is the crib on the long wall that she couldn’t ever find the perfect piece of furniture to fit and the crib bench fit perfectly! It’s skinny so it doesn’t impede the walkway and brings in the pops of turquoise she is infusing in this fun family room.
The turquoise blue is so pretty and the pillows are the perfect colors to bring the brown of the room over to the bench.
Different view of the room.
I am so glad that I was able to help you build something that can be special for many reasons. I love when pieces are sentimental and functional at the same time. I was happy that I could help you/teach you how to build this bench while I was building two others. It was a fun few days. I still can’t believe we built three benches, one with a shelf, no less, and had them done in three days. Wow, looks good! I will definitely make a bench out of my own crib when my baby is finally done with the crib. Thanks for letting me come and take better pictures of your fabulous bench made out of your children’s crib!
I love the colors, the lines even the pillows on this crib bench! So fun and now you have a functional piece again from a used-to-be functional crib!


Jodi said...

This is beautiful! I am looking for fun ways to re-purpose our son's crib. Great job!

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

This is seriously awesome! What a great idea!


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