Friday, January 13, 2012

Sista!! We finally hung your shelf!`

My sister has wanted a shelf around her scrapbook room forever....really like two years! I found the wooden brackets (a whole big bucket filled with these) over a year ago and we just never have finished this project. It doesn't help that she is a  3 1/2 hour drive from me so......I had to make a trip just for this project. I even had to haul the wood down in my tahoe so we would have the wood for the shelves (nothing in town... oh the joys of a small town).
Within the first half hour after I arrived in town, I started painting the wood shelf boards. It has to be at least 40 degrees to paint so I had to get moving so they could dry. 
Then I painted the wood brackets black too. (side note: I even had to bring the paint because you can't get paint in this small town). My car was filled with kids, boards, paint, tools and miter saw. 
The first step was to chalk the wall with a level line where the shelf would hang. I then added wall mounts 18 inches apart where each bracket would hang. I drilled the 1/4 inch hole then added the wall mount. 
The shelf wrapped around three walls of the room. My sister wanted lots of shelf space to display all her mini albums, projects and memorabilia. 
The shelf was 15 inches from the ceiling. Plenty of room for any size scapbook albums that she wanted to display. 
In each wallmount (blue dot seen on the wall that allows you to anchor heavy items to a wall without having to hang in a wood stud) I screwed in a screw.  We made sure the screw would fit the keyhole on the back of the brackets. 
Each bracket is hung snug against the wall to keep the shelf solid. 
In a short amount of time we had all the bracket hung and ready for the shelf. 
Each shelf was cut so that any "joints" or where a board ended was where a bracket hung on the wall to support the "joint". 
This corner was tricky because the doorway was set at a 45 degree angle which made the shelf angle 22.5 degrees. I now know this by trial and error! As you can see I even cut the angle backwards and had to flip over my board. Good thing they are identical top and bottom....only that we hadn't painted the top of the boards (the first side had just finished drying). 
Once all the boards were cut to the right size we took them down and painted the top of the boards black. Once they were dry to touch we put them back up because they could cute up in their spots. It also kept them safe from the kids. 
The corner tured out so awesome.....I was nervous at first with this corner....trying to figure out this angle (which, if any of you have a 45 degree angle's going to be a 22.5 degree angle for each board......which makes sense because each cut is half the angle!! ha ha) 
With nine foot ceilings, my sister really needed to use her vertical space to help organize her scrapbook room.  Plus, now she gets to display all her really cool projects!
It looks so custom and perfect! 
I wish I could have gotten pictures of items on her shelf and her room back together and organized but, the top of the shelf was still drying and curing. 
I was only there overnight and I think we got a ton done. We hung her gallery wall (previous post) and we also build, painted and hung shelving around three walls of her scrapbook room. We were busy!!! 
Look at all the space she now has to display all her NEATO PROJECTS!! Really, she's a very talented scrapbooker and is always coming up with new altered projects....I can't wait to see what gets displayed on her shelf!
The shelf even wraps the wall above the door. 

The shelf wraps three walls! A great way to use all that vertical space!
I went to my sister's house to help her hang this custom shelving around three walls in her scrapbook room, hang her gallery wall (previous post) but, the best part about being there was spending time with you sister, talking late into the night and letting our kids play together! My kids played so hard that they slept the entire drive home! It was a great trip and I am so glad we were able to finish a project we have been talking about for.....forever! Good Times! Love ya Sista!
Cassy Final

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Shawneen Nicole said...

Great job! This is exactly what I want to do in my living room. Thanks for the detailed explanations and pics!


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