Monday, January 30, 2012

My Gallery Wall Has A New Addition

I've updated my gallery wall because we finally got a new tv and it changed the layout of the wall. We've had the tube tv for a long time but, when I hung my gallery wall, I left space (apparently not enough space above it because I had to move one of the frames) for a flat panel tv so that it would blend in and not be such an eyesore. I got a killer deal on the tv at the Best Buy black friday sale. They opened up at midnight and I left the hubby home asleep with the kids and went to wait in the lines. After three and a half hours standing in line, I came home with this bad boy. The rest of my yard sale money was money well spent so I could finish my gallery wall that I always had in mind. 
When the tv was hung, I had to rearrange a few of the pictures. The picture that was above the tv was too tall, so I had to move it to the left of the tv instead of above it. Once the big picture frame was moved, it left three HOLES or spaces without picture frames!! That meant, I needed to add three frames.
I found a lovely oval frame at target but it was a walnut color. Nothing a little paint can't fix.
I needed it black to add to the gallery wall so I painted it with some left over black spray paint. 
I needed one picture above the tv, one to the side and a small one below the other small frame. 
I added my new favorite picture of the girls (from the orchard photo session) above the tv. I added a picture of my oldest son from our winter photo session (for christmas cards) and our new winter family photo to the oval frame. 

The oval frame fit the space perfectly! 
The large frame of my oldest two fits much better to the left of the tv than above it. It would have touched the top of the tv and wouldn't have looked very good. So, moving it to the side and moving a few different frames above the tv works much better. 
I added photos of our newest daughter to the wall and with the three extra frames I was able to add a few other new favorite photos. 
I love the new gallery wall. It celebrates our family and the love we have for each other!! 
After some looking in the archives, I found a picture of our first home's gallery wall. Boy, it's grown since then. We've had a few kids since then...which means they need to be added to the gallery wall too! 
You can see the old tube tv that we had and the buffet we used to sit it on (plus the kids in a game of go fish). When this piece of furniture was moved to this spot in the room, the wall had to be hung higher because it went behind the tv.
Then I found this beautiful re-claimed cupboard and added black & white fabric to the drawers. The bulky tv was functional just not so pretty. The tv has found a new home in the basement so the kids can play their games on it. I hung the pictures around the lamp and the tv. I have been waiting for a long time for a flat tv.
I love the streamlined look of this wall. The tv almost fades away against the black and white wall. Love that!

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