Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craft Paint finds its home in the Library Card Catalog

The library card  catalog drawers are the perfect size to organize all my craft paints. 
I originally thought about putting the paints in my numbered cubby hole cupboard but, finally decided that the library card catalog drawers were better...for now...but you never know, I could change my mind. 
I started with my white and creams and progressed across five drawers (I know, I know..five drawers of paint....but, all I see is fun projects in the future) to the black paints.I had to keep moving paint bottles around to fit all the green and blue paint bottles. I guess you can all see what are my favorite colors! 
I love that I can see all the different paint colors and that every color is right at my fingertips. 
The drawers are deep enough to stack lots of craft paint bottles. 
A rainbow of beautiful colors!! The library card catalog holds all my craft paint in only five drawers. I have ten more drawers that I filled with all my painting supplies, foam brushes and lots of other misc craft supplies. So, what color speaks to you?
Cassy Final

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