Friday, December 2, 2011

Sorter Cubby Hole Cabinet

My Cubby hole cabinet that I picked up in Kansas has been decorated for Christmas. 
I placed it on my handpainted blue side-board. It sits in front of my alphabet wall. I thought about putting it in my bay window but, knew it would block too much light. I wanted the sorter cubby hole cabinet somewhere that the children could have access to because we want to use it, not as a countdown calendar (although it could be used as that very easily) but as a visual reminder to what our family can accomplish this holiday season. We want our children to be involved in service and we will fill it with a reminder for each one.
Here's the sorter cubby hole cabinet as it arrived from Kansas. Ready to be cleaned up and each cubby hole numbered. 
I wanted each hole to be numbered individually. I wanted it to look like a plaquer with a number on it. So I cut out a 3x5 card (or you could use a card stock, just something thicker than paper) and cut out a rectangle shape with rounded corners. 
I used a foam brush to stencil on the rounded corner plaquer shape. 
I centered the shape in the middle of each cubby hole. 
Once the paint was dry I added numbers onto each plaquer with stamps I bought from Michael's (set was $7.00 but I used a coupon...of course) and staz'on Ink. The stamp set with the permanent ink made it the perfect way to make it look like metal plaquers. 

Look how great each number looks at the base of each cubby hole!! Love this!! 
This is the stamp set and the ink I used to create the numbers on each painted oval shape. 
Now the sorter cubby hole cabinet has been cleaned up and ready to be used for the most memorable holiday of the year...Christmas! 
LOVE the numbers.....SO CUTE!! 
The cubby's are about 3 1/2 to 4 inches I should be able to find lots of tiny items to fill the cabinet. I also plan on using small pine peices from our real christmas tree tied with a peice of ribbon and a scroll of what our service we did. I really want our kids to learn the true meaning of Christmas. This will be a great visual reminder of what we should be doing this special season. 

Lots of ornaments are the perfect size to fit in a cubby hole. 
I even used one of my expandable rulers to make a star to decorate with the pine and berry garland. 
I love the star made out of the expandable ruler!! 
Topped off with a sign that says "Happy Holidays!" 
Angel Ornament looks pretty in one of the cubby holes. 
I love how the sorty cubby hole cabinet had been painted grey on the front of each row and a little bit on each side. I love keeping that grey paint. It adds an element of uniqueness!! 
So beautiful on the blue hand-painted side board! Accessible to the kids so they can be interactive with everything we do this holiday season.
So beautiful for Christmas!
Cassy Final

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