Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Matted Picture Added to Lab Equipment

Everyone has their go-to framing store but, I love this little unfinished wood store and it just happens to have a framing shop as well. They sell the insides of their mats (the part that has been out and would be discarded) but, they sell those pieces for CHEAP!! I picked up a green and brown mat..which they cut a window out for me (to fit my 4x6 pics) and paid about a $1.50 a piece. This included the new cut ($0.50 to have a new "window" cut) to make it able to frame my photos. 
I knew it would hold a picture with two sides showing so I picked a mat for two different pictures. 
I added a different family pic to each mat. Either side you look at would be a different photo. 
I then glued them together. 
with some glue dots. 
I love that glue dots hold it all together without being bulky. 
Then I used the clips (already apart of the lab equipment I picked up in Kansas) and added my matted picture. 
The other side with the green matted picture. 
I added the family in with my candy shop apothecary jar display for Christmas. It's so cute amongst the jars! (Too bad there isn't more swedish fish for the picture...they are red and went with the Christmas display....but, apparently they are the kids favorite snack!) 
It also looks cute next to the Christmas card holder and M&M's!! So many choices! I really like that it can be versatile...being part of my Christmas candy display and it could also be used on any table for display. It's different and unique and I really like that it's using lab equipment for other things than what it was meant for!
Cassy Final

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