Friday, December 9, 2011

Fresh Christmas Wreath

Christmas is welcome at our front door!! I made a fresh pine wreath with a moss wreath inside...I LOVE THE COMBINATION!! 
This is the bottom of our fresh cut christmas tree. I always get a tree that is too tall for our 9 ft. ceilings so that I can have extra pine limbs with which to decorate. Real pine = yummy smelling rooms! 
I've had this wreath form for years....and my husband is SO glad I am finally using it and he won't hit his shin on it one more time. (thank you hubby....this is one of those things that I KNEW I would use...just not yet and he was very patient letting me keep it around...he knew I loved it!) 
You add pine bowes in one direction and as you add a new set of pine, you bend the tongs down to hold them in place.
You keep adding until you finish your wreath. Simple and Elegant! 
The back of the wreath. 
Ready for a beautiful red bow! 
I love fresh pine! So yummy! 
This little 12 inch moss wreath has been awaiting it's debut. I found it at a second hand store for $1.50...REALLY...I couldn't believe my good luck! It's my favorite color of moss...beautiful, lush green! 
I used a piece of ribbon with a cinch knot or slip knot to hold the moss wreath in the center of the pine wreath. I love the contrast in materials!
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!??!! I love how it's modern yet used traditional supplies! 

So everytime I open the door, I am greeted by fresh pine and a stunning red bow! LOVE IT!!

So welcoming!! A modern twist on the classical pine wreath! Don't you love it too? 

Doesn't it make you want to enter and see all the Christmas decor? (I'll post that soon...I've been working on a lampshade Christmas tree...I need to see it so you don't think I've gone off the deep end! Ha) 
I love the classic red and green! 
To finish off the doorstep decor I added pine bowes with red ribbons behind the lanterns. 

It's very merry around here! Our door is ready for I just need to wrap a few gifts! 
I love this Fresh Christmas's a very welcoming entrance to our home for the holidays!
Cassy Final

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