Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching Up!! Busy, Busy, Busy!

The kids were off track for the last three weeks so we've been doing lots of fun family things and doing projects in between all the fun! 
The kids decorated my driveway....the ENTIRE driveway...luckily it just rained a few days ago and finally washed it off. I love drawings I just don't love when the kids shoes are covered in chalk all the time because then it makes it into my house. 
My friend let me paint her high chair so I can use it to take six month photos of my daughter. I will show photos of it all done.

 I had this picture frame that is 12 by 24 inches and would look really cute with some of my daughter's new photos we just had taken. I need to get the photo printed will be really cute in their room. 
It's the pink color from their room. I just used left over paint. It's the Krylon watermelon paint.

I painted these folding chairs black so they will be ready for our Halloween party coming up this weekend. We are doing a "mad scientist" theme this year and I have a lot to get done to be ready! I can't wait to show you guys! I won't be able to show everything because some of it will be a surprise for the party but, I will show you after!

This is the custom order I am doing for my friend. This is the chairs primed. I have them painted now and am sealing them. They are turning out beautiful! 
This is the bench ready for primer. I taped off the top because it will stay the same wood color as the dining room table. 
All primed and ready for paint. 
These are the urns that I got for a killer deal and they are ready to be painted so I can use them for the halloween party. I will be painting them silver and then using a black glaze over the top. 
I painted them silver and they are ready for the black glaze. I also painted some pumpkins and will be glazing those also.
I also spent last tuesday decorating a church cultural hall for a young women's meeting. It turned out beautiful but, I didn't get any pictures myself because my camera was out of batteries that morning and I left it home to charge. I also didn't grab any pics with my camera phone because my boy was playing angry birds on it while I decorated SO....I will have to see if I can get any pictures of it! Hopefully, it was beautifully fallish!!! I know fallish isn't a word but, it was SOOOO...fallish.....just seemed perfect way to describe it.

Aren't these urns going to look beautiful glazed with black and then ready for Halloween?
Cassy Final


Emily said...

They are going to be so pretty! I'm excited!

Holly said...

If you have any pictures of the finished highchair, I would love to see them! I have a very similar highchair that I am considering painting for my son's first birthday photos, so I'm interested how to see how yours came out! Love your blog!


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