Tuesday, October 11, 2011

B & W Halloween Chair Set for Halloween

My black & white halloween chair looks SO AWESOME with my halloween decor!! This year I made it center stage as you enter the great room! It's the perfect entrance to all the fun halloween spooky-ness!! 
I added my "spooky" pillow to the chair and it is PERFECT!!! I made three of these pillows (one with the word spooky, a raven in a tree and a flying witch image) last year for halloween.....out of drop cloth fabric and some black paint....yep.....paint! I used an image printed off the internet, cut it out with scissors and exacto knife and used the peice of paper as the stencil since I was only going to be using the stencil once, the peice of paper works for a one time deal. 
The tree was wrapped (at the bottom) with purple and black tulle and sheer fabric to help the purple lights glow around the base of the black halloween tree!! 
The purple lights illuminate the chair at night and give it a spooky glow!! How wonderful!!

Eat your treat....at your own risk.....if you dare!!

Raven atop the halloween tree overlooking the festivities!

The Spooky pillow brings the whole look together. I love how perfecty it works in this chair. SOOO SPOOOKY!!

I love halloween and this is the perfect entrance into the living room. You are met by purple lights, a black tree with treats (if you dare) and the black & white halloween chair....great way to set the mood to enter the room. You can see I took down my traditional drapes and put up my black shredded drapes for halloween. I love halloween and setting the mood for a spooktacular season!!
I love my halloween tree! 
I love how you can see the stripes on the side of the chair and how it adds an element of sophistication to such a fun chair! 
It looks wonderful all lit up at night!! 
So inviting!!!!!!! Want to sit for a Spell!!! (LOL...I just love halloween)

I decorated the rest of the house for Halloween....I'll show you soon!! The Black and White chair is the perfect entrance into the great room...SO SPOOKTACULAR!!
Cassy Final

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Heather Dodd said...

I love it! Feels very spooky..


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