Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fancy Headband and other projects

My cute neighbor called and asked if I'd make a headband for her to give as a gift. I accepted and asked her what she wanted...all she would give me to go on was....."a baby headband like the ones you make for your daughter." I asked her "like the white one she had on sunday?"
Her, "yeah that will be great!"
So......I had to make a baby headband with only one requirement...make it white because it can be worn with lots of outfits.
SO, this is what I came up with... 
A dupioni silk rosette flower (handsewn) with added feathers, lace, two glass pearls, swarovski crystal, tullle, russian netting, all set on a pleated silk base. 
All of the peices were hand sewn to the headband and then a peice of felt was hand sewn to the bottom so it would be soft against the babies head. 
I birdcaged the russian netting over the silk rosette. 
These are the glass pearls and swarovski crystal (hard to see) set all together in a bunch (all three forming a triangle). 
The ends of the silk base is pleated to add detail. 
The feathers, lace and tulle add the perfect finishing details.  The headband turned out beautiful and my neighbor was pleased with it! (Can't ask for more...a happy custom order!!)

This is the other custom order I've been working on. It's been SO HOT this last week that I only wanted to be outside sanding in the morning. So, after exercise class (already sweaty) I would sand, by hand, one chair a day. They all had to be sanded by hand because of all the ornate turned detail. I can't wait to get these finished...they are gonna be purdy!! 
These are my newest best deal find. I was finishing my shopping at Michaels and a SUPER helpful young man (employee) asked me if I wanted to get a price check on the urns that I happen to stop and look at. There was a sign stating that clearance was 60% off. With a price tag of seventy dollars, I said sure even though at sixty percent off, they would still be out of my price range. It seemed like this certain employee was looking for something to do, so I allowed him to pick up one of these heavy urns and take it to price check it. Apparently it was from LAST christmas and was a whopping $13, yep you read that right....a whole thirteen dollars. I said wow and yes I will take them. I have always wanted to do urns filled with pumpkins or witch stuff for Halloween and now I will get to do it. So, now you are just gonna have to wait and see what I do with for these heavy clearance urns. Yeah!! I love a great deal!
Cassy Final


Emily said...

I owe you! I'm so excited to see them.

Heather Dodd said...

That is a great deal! I love when I too find them.. Can't wait to see what you do.


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