Saturday, July 9, 2011

Patriotic Centerpeice

We had a neighborhood barbeque for our cities Heritage Days and I thought this would be a fun centerpeice. I used the buckets/flag/sparklers for decoration during the meal and then afterwards we let the kids light the sparklers.  
I took curly ribbon you use for wrapping gifts and tied three sparklers together. I then took my scissors and curled the ends to make them all curly and cute! I used a silver, shiny red and blue for the patriotic colors of ribbon. This gave the illusion that they were fireworks without it having to be dark. I poked the sparklers into the sand to get them to stand up around the edge of the buckets. 
I bought the buckets at Michaels for $1 a peice. I bought three. Two blue and a red (they didn't have any white or I would have bought one of each color). Then I put two flags in two of the buckets that I bought at Target for $2(for a pack of 2). 
I used the red one to hold an old red (christmas) candle so the kids could light their own sparklers. If you have ever sat and used a lighter to light a ton of sparklers you can see the wisdom in this!! Plus if the wax got on the sand it just clumped and cooled and then I could throw it away. No mess!!
The centerpeice was pretty and it was functional....the best of both worlds!!  
Once we were done with the centerpeices, I could take them apart and use them again. My kids can always use new sand buckets and I used the flags in my flower pot by my doorstep!
This works out perfectly because in Utah we have another holiday at the end of July for our statehood and it is fun to leave up our patriotic decor past just the fourth of July! 

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