Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turquoise Lamp

Doesn't this lamp make you want to pick it up and buy it....NO?....what?..When I saw this lamp I got all giddy and almost jumped up and down. I had seen a lamp redo on fleamarkettrixie's blog(over a year ago) and she made the most beautiful turquoise lamp. Every once in a while I see something that I just had to try and this was it.....I knew I would be keeping my eye out for a beautiful lamp with a glass ball in the middle so I could try one too. I finally found one...YEAH!!
I didn't know how I was going to get the red paint off until I scratched the price tag ($5) and it all started peeling off(not even paint!!). Sounds great until you realize that every little peice has EXTREME static cling!! I had to use water, rags and all sorts of extreme measures (magic erasers) to get it off. Looked easy at first but, when I noticed the little peices from my shirt were static clinging back on well, I had to take a break and take some cleansing breaths....just kidding...I had to go to my sons baseball game and I finished when I got back. 
I started with the metal part of the lamp and painted it grey and then spritzed on some aluminum chrome to give it a pewter/metal finish.
I spritz chrome aluminum on the top lightly to give it a meal sheen.(Thanks Dana for giving me your spray paint stash when you has come in handy more than once).
I then painted pitch black glaze over the top and then wiped it off while it was still wet.
You can kinda see the difference between the top and the bottom. The top has the pitch black glaze and the bottom does not.
The glaze stays in the crevices.
I then added it to the bottom too. Now for the tuquoise glass.
I wanted to take it all the way apart but, apparently this lamp is wired specially to light up the globe ball so I couldn't get it entirely apart...just enough to pour in paint and roll it around to cover the inside of the glass globe.
I used pre-mixed aqua paint from my stash and added a small pour from my neighbors bench paint(darker aqua) to get my paint color. The paint got a little tricky trying to get it perfectly covered but, patience was the key to getting it entirely covered and not spilling out the end. This was the point where I REALLY wished that the lamp had come entirely apart (note to self: next time...don't buy a globe lamp that lights won't come entirely apart)
You can see the christmas light bulb hole that the small light bulb lights up inside of the globe...that I won't be using because the paint is opaque.
You can even see the spill on the table that happened as I was checking out one end and forgot about the other... Oops!!
The turquoise color was beautiful!! SO happy with the results.
Once it was dry, I screwed it all back together and found a new lampshade at Walmart (my 3rd store I stopped by to find a drum lampshade. Target had some pretty ones but they didn't have the right hardware to fit this lamp...a top mount) 
Such a fun color!! So pretty!!!

I am really happy with the results and even happier that I was finally able to try something that I had wanted to do for over a year! Thaks blogland for the idea! So, what do you think? Was it worth the year wait?.... 

Cassy Final


An Ivory Beauty said...

I love it!

Sarah said...

Love the color, and goes perfectly with the dresser. :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

The color is fantastic!


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