Sunday, June 12, 2011

Library Card Catalog

I was able to get out(with the baby) and go to the fair grounds for an antique fair(two weekends ago). I had needed time out of the house and used my few hours without all the kids to walk around the antique fair. I found a library card catalog cabinet that needs a little work on the front facing(which is why I got such a good deal). I plan on painting part and staining part.
 I am wanting to work on a few cupboards(and build parts of others) to use in my studio to hold all my little studio supplies and nick-nacks. I was thrilled to find this AND get time out doing something fun with just the baby. I plan to refinish this, this summer.
Cassy Final


Dana Day said...

Cassy, I know I turn 40 years old next month but I had to chuckle when I saw that the library card holder is now an antique. HA! I used one that looked just like it at BYU it seems like yesterday. HAHA! (I guess it is up there with Encyclopedia's and the like for my kids now.) HA HA! Love YA, I am sure it will be darling whenyou are finished with it. Miss you Friend.

S said...

Really cute! I have one too, mine is the original color, I am thinking of going darker, but not sure I am up to the work, it's about 5 feet yours;) Sally


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