Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Curved Picture Frame Addition

Before                                                 After
When I saw this picture frame it reminded me of the hand-painted curve that I painted around the artwork above the crib. I thought it might be the perfect addition to the wall right as you step into the room.
I think it works perfectly! The shape of the frame almost mimics exactly the painted pink line around the room. The frame fit perfectly in between the two pink lines. 
I love the details of the frame! 
The bright color gives the perfect "first impression" of the room and invites you in! 
The frame fits SO awesome in between the pink lines, it looks like I painted the lines after I had the frame but, it really was the other way around. Couldn't have planned it better myself. ha ha I love when things work out!
I love how the frame mimics the hand-painted lines around the artwork. 
Just SO awesome!! I love the shape of the frame....it's SO perfect! 
Just one small element that adds nicely to the room. It adds a fun entrance to such a happy and vibrant room. It is the perfectly shaped frame to fit the space! Just beautiful!! I am SO happy with this new addition to the room!
Cassy Final


Ruth H. said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe you found something so perfect for the space. It truly looks like you designed the room around the frame. I think this is--hands down--my favorite girls' room design EVER.

Emily said...

This is gorgeous!! I want it!


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