Monday, April 11, 2011

Window Shelf for Memorabilia

The window shelf is suspended from the ceiling and makes the perfect place to keep Memorabilia and other keep-sakes that I want in the room but, not easily accessible.
It's a window so you can see down and up through the shelf. Too fun!! 
I love how the cherry blossom tree extends above and below the window shelf. 
Original hardware on the window. 
My daughter's parasol from the Hawaiin flea market(a treasure). 
All of the special things I want my daughter to be able to see but, not play with everyday. 
Her Heritage Doll with Jewelry from my Mom(my oldest daughter is named after her). 
I love how the window and the tree wrap around one another. It's the perfect place to keep all the special items and still have them in the room....part of the room....just not easily accessible to be played with.
Cassy Final

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