Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Modern Mobile of Pink Lampshades

I started collecting these unique lampshades months ago. Anything with a unique shape and support bars from the top to the bottom of the lampshade were sought out and picked up when found. 
The lampshades fabric was then ripped off and stripped down to the metal frame. 
Each lampshade was chosen for it's shape. 
Some of the lampshades had A LOT of glue to attatch their fabrics so I knew I would have to wrap those lampshade ends with ribbon.
I picked up bright pink ribbon to match my paint from WalMart. It's inexpensive and grossgrain so it would cover the glue issues easily. I did buy other colors but, returned them when the pink ribbon worked the best with the paint color. 
It took a little effort to get all of the lampshades bear.
I didn't find the lampshades all at once so I had a little collection for a while. The really crazy umbrella shaped lampshade was on the top of the teapot lamp(you can see it here before it was painted ivory).
I tried a few paint colors that would look good in the room.  
The pink color is the same as my daughter's metal bed frame, so it matched the room perfectly.  
Two of the lampshade frames had to be wrapped in ribbon to cover the glue issues. 
 I wanted to add a little bit of whimsy so I wanted to sew a little 3D bird shape. I am so glad that I found the free pattern by Spool because I tried to make one without a pattern and it turned out looking like a mermaid with a hook head (not pretty...I almost gave up on the idea...until I found the free pattern online) 
Sew it up and then you are ready to stuff it with polyfil. 

Once filled wtih poly-fil, you are ready to hand sew the tail shut.
I wanted a touch of whimsy and it worked by adding a bird to one of the lampshades. It pulls in the birds from the artwork. Something fun and unexpected.
My husband helped me hang the lampshade using picture frame wire, metal pinch grips and eye hooks. 
After looking at the lampshades for more than a day...I knew something was missing. I made a pom pom ball and hung it up and still didn't like it. It was a little flustrating after all this time collecting, choosing paint colors and then finally getting my husband to help me hang them and it looked like something was missing....AAHHH!!! I let it sit for a day or so until I came up with a new plan....adding....
As I was pulling out some more spring decorations, I noticed these lanterns in the drawer from my daughter's birthday party last year. I pulled them out and tried them out in the room. They were perfect!!!! Finally!!!
I used a simple straight pin with fishing line. I used the knot (can't think of it's name at the moment) that you tie hooks onto fishing line. The pin was poked into the ceiling and work great because the lanterns are so light. The ceilings are also so tall that I'm not worried about the kids hitting them. My husband can barely reach one on his tippy toes and he's 6 foot 2.
 I took the fishing line right off of my husbands fishing reel. Thanks Babe!!

The lampshade edges that were wound in ribbon really show up nicely! An extra pop of color!
This is the grossgrain ribbon wrapped around the bottom of one of the lampshades to cover the glue. 
The whimsical bird has all of the colors of the room...light pink, hot pink, aqua and some greenery from the fabric print.

The lampshades make the perfect addition to the girl's room. It's a modern mobile that theyboth get to enjoy! So fun!! I now have showed every part of the room as it's come for the big reveal!!
Cassy Final

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Jennie said...

So cute. Can't wait to see them in person! and meet the new baby girl who will sleep in the crib. :)


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