Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Custom Crib Bedding

I just put my custom crib bedding on the crib. Who knew it was so hard to find a fabric that had all the colors that I was wanting for the nursery bedding? I wanted a light pink, brighter pink with a splash of aqua. I could find fabric with one or the other but, trying to find the right fabric with all three colors ended up being REALLY difficult. I found about 5 different prints with all the colors in them but, they were not the right print. Some were english gardens (way too froo froo (sp?)) or just plain weird looking, or the dominant color in he print was orange....not what I was looking for. When I finally stumbled upon the Amy Butler Midwest Modern II Fabric....I about fell off my chair! It was perfect. Once the fabric came in, I was SO nervous...the "ivory" background was "reading" as yellow and not an off-white...like I thought it looked like online. I thought I was doomed until the seamstress and I put all the fabrics together and noticed that it just looked yellow and looked really pretty. There is yellow in the artwork so...it worked out perfectly!! I LOVE IT!! 
I found this fun bright pink fabric at Quilter's Haven in Bountiful but, they only had fat quarters left so, we opted to have this fabric as the center of the inside of the bumpers....which turned out perfectly!! 
The sheet is made from super soft minky fabric plus, it brings in the fun bright pink color. With the walls of the girls room having so much blue, I knew that the bedding needed to be mostly pink with a splash of aqua. The geometric print is from the Midwest Modern II fountain park pink fabric. It is the perfect pink compliment to the "poppy" print. 
All of the ties and cording edges are done in the light aqua color. It is the "pop" of color I was looking for to pull out the aqua in the poppy fabric. 
The colors are just SO fun!!  I looked everywhere for pre-done bedding and finally gave up and found a seamstress on etsy that could do custom bedding for just a little bit more than a pre-bought crib set. Then, I found out that she lives in Utah like me so I was even able to pick it up and not pay shipping.
Angela did an amazing job with the sewing and really took the stress off of me to have to sew it myself(I do sew...but, have never sewn crib bedding and really didn't want to start....especially being so late in the pregnancy) If you want to get ahold of Angela, you can find her on etsy. She has been sewing a long time and it shows.....the bedding turned out beautiful!! She loves working with you to get your "vision" exactly how you wanted it!! Check her out on Etsy....she does custom crib bedding and bridal stuff too. 
I based my custom crib bedding off of my older daughter's bedding that I sewed myself. I wanted them to be similar but, not be matchy matchy. I definetely succeeded...they both have the pink with a splash of aqua. My older daughter's bedding has white with it and the baby bedding has yellow with it. Similar yet unique! 
The colors of the fabrics bring all the colors of the room together! 
The box pleat in the front of the skirt is one of my favorite parts. 
The polka dot fabric I found at JoAnn's and it is the perfect crib skirt fabric with the ribbons of the other coordinating fabrics at the bottom. The poppy fabric has aqua flowers in the background and this makes it the perfect "marrying" fabric of all the fabrics. Just beautiful! (can you tell I am in love with the fabric choices...it was stressful at first trying to find anything that would work and it finally worked out that the "perfect" fabric was found and makes all the difference in the crib bedding)
I am thrilled with how the custom crib bedding turned out...totally worth the time and effort searching for the perfect fabrics! It turned out beautiful!!
Cassy Final


The Merrell Family said...

Looks good, and very pulled together.

Elen said...

very cute and definitely versatile! good choice!
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We would love to help you create a one of a kind custom bedding design!

Anonymous said...

where did the artwork come from? its adorable!

Cassy said...

The artwork is available online lots of places but is available at pottery barn too(although I think it's expensive going through them! ha) It's by Oopsy Daisy and it's called Cherry Blossom Birdies Canvas Reproduction. You can buy it off of poshtots.com in a few different sizes.
Good Luck...I love that painting...Perfect in SO many ways!! Hope that helps!

bloger said...

I love what you did with Baby M's room! Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of space and am on a very limited budget. The one item I would like to splurge on is a crib. The problem is that I live in Hawaii and no one will ship, if they do, it increases the cost of the item by at least $100. I found the Babi Italia Scandi crib abd the Babymod Olivia crib online and thought that ToysRUs or Walmart could bring them in, but unfortunately they will not if it is not an item they regularly stock

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Anonymous said...

Pottery Barn

KrysiaEnergy Yoga said...

I love this, Would you be willing to sell it once your done? If so please email me tsikrsu@yahoo.com


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